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K9 Toronto's Mobile Dog Grooming Van is an Upscale Salon on Wheels

Dog Enjoys Spa Treatment

At K9 Toronto, we don't play around when it comes to Dog Grooming. In fact, we're so serious about it that we consider our Mobile Dog Grooming van to be an upscale Salon on wheels where your dogs get the grooming and pampering they deserve.

Our Mobile Dog Grooming Salon is fully equipped to give your dogs the pampering spa treatments they deserve. Everything from nail clipping to styling their coat for the season is performed in our van, giving your furry friends an exceptional experience comparable to what they would get if your took them to a grooming Salon. It's as easy as calling us, and allowing us to park in your driveway. We take care of the rest, and your dog will look and feel healthy and happy.

Our Mobile Dog Grooming van is large enough to accommodate most breeds and is stocked with all the necessities to give your beloved companions the upscale grooming sessions they deserve. You won't find a more convenient Dog Grooming option in Toronto than the K9 Toronto Mobile Dog Grooming spa and Salon.

For summer, consider a short cut for your fur babies. A short groom will keep them cool and free of all those summertime pests like fleas, ticks and mosquitoes. Plus they'll be in top condition for trips to the cottage, and swims in the lake. Dogs look forward to being outdoors in the warm weather and they want to enjoy themselves as much as their humans do. A short cut will ensure they will have fun going for a dip, and they'll dry off quickly without all that extra fur to weigh them down. We dress in shorts, t-shirts and flip flops and cut our own hair shorter to stay cool in the summer, why not do the same for your dogs?

K9 Toronto's Dog Grooming in Toronto is available anywhere in the GTA, call (647) 591-0523 and let us bring the spa to you!