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Skunk Removal for Dogs

An encounter with a skunk is everyone's worst nightmare, especially when it's your dog that crosses paths with one. We all know that telltale stink, and it manages to literally permeate everything.

Luckily, dog owners can count on K9 Toronto for skunk removal for dogs. For most breeds, an immediate and thorough washing is all that's needed to get the skunk smell off your dog's coat. Deskunking a dog is relatively easy as long as it is done as quickly as possible. Here are a few tips to eliminate skunk odor on dogs:

1. Call K9 Toronto at 647.591.0523. Our expert dog groomers will get to you as quickly as possible to perform dog skunk odor removal.

2. Make your dog comfortable outside if at all possible. Skunk odor is actually an oil, so if it gets onto your clothes or furniture, it will be very hard to remove.

3. See if you can determine where the skunk sprayed your dog. If it is concentrated in one spot, you might be able to trim away the offending fur, removing most of the skunk odor from your dog.

Put on some old clothes before handling your dog; the odor is just as difficult to remove from clothes as it is from dog fur.

4. Try to soak up some of the skunk spray with paper towels or a bath towel (you'll probably have to throw the towel away after using it). The smell might not be as powerful if you can remove some of the oils before we arrive to perform the skunk odor removal washing.

5. Keep some store-bought deskunking spray on hand. That way, if your dog ever gets sprayed by a skunk again, you'll have something on hand to deal with the odor.

None of these tips are meant to replace a thorough dog washing. Our mobile dog grooming truck is the perfect place to perform skunk removal for dogs, because it happens outside your home, without the worry of lingering odors.