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Lion Cut For Cats

Cat With Lion Cut

One good thing about owning cats is that they're naturally clean creatures. They're easily trained to use their litter box, and they rarely make a mess. But, this doesn't mean that cats don't need to be groomed. Cats love being the center of attention, and they absolutely love being adored by their owners. And one way we show them affection is through grooming.

Among grooming centers and cat people, the lion cut is pretty popular nowadays. From the name itself, the lion cut is a cut that resembles that of a lion - its shaggy main, shaved feet and tail. The cut is made by shaving the fur close to the cat's skin, but leaving the mane, face, legs and the tip of the tail unshaven. You can choose to have the fur shaven to the tip, or you can have a centimetre or two left out. The whole look is all about your little kitty looking like a lordly lion.

Recently, cat lovers were abuzz with the new lion cut. Some loved the cute look, and some found it cruel. There were a few cat owners who took the close shave as animal cruelty, saying that cutting it too close to the skin would mess with the cat's internal body temperature system. Others claim their cats hate the new do - either the cats become "embarassed" by how they look, or they are traumatized by the experience and become distant and shaky with their owners.

Here's the truth about the lion cut: it's not just for style. Yes, the look is cute on your little pet, but it actually helps your little critter in more ways than one. The lion cut is especially popular in summer, when it's just too hot to have all that fur on your cat. The shaved body also makes it easier for your cat to clean itself and is a less risk for coughing out fur balls. It also prevents matting and shedding during those hot days. Should it be limited to a summer do? Of course not! As said earlier, you can have the body not completely shaved up so your cat won't be so cold. Even in the cold seasons, the lion cut helps your cat to groom itself better.

What if your cat becomes jumpy and uncomfortable with the shaving process? Rarely, vets inject anesthesia to calm down the cats so they can be shaved. But of course, this step could be skipped altogether if you speak in calm tones, and you have ways to soothe your cat. Our groomers are all well-trained and are certified smooth talkers when it comes to cats. We understand that cats are jumpier than dogs, so the entire grooming process takes a longer time. But rest assured, your cats will not be traumatized with the new look. It will take them some time to get used to it, but after that, they'll completely love their new look.

The lion cut isn't just the new fashion trend on cats - it also has its perks for your little lion. Find out more about our mobile cat grooming by calling 647-591-0523. Our mobile cat groomers are waiting to meet your cats, and indulge them in the grooming sessions they deserve.