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How To Keep Your High-Maintenance Poodle Well Groomed

Poodle Grooming

Do you have a high-maintenance pooch? It's okay - that doesn't make them any less loveable. It simply means that you need to put in a little extra time and effort into their grooming. One dog breed that fits into that high-maintenance category has to be the poodle. These dogs are known for their personalities just as much as their unique grooming styles! If you own a poodle, you'll need to put some serious effort into keeping them well groomed. Here are some of the ways you can keep your pet looking great all year long.

Poodles have different coats than many other animals. Rather than being covered with soft fur, they have hair that is coarse and constantly growing. It can be soft and wavy but is normally tightly curled. It all depends on the particular breed of poodle. Just like human hair, poodles require a lot of upkeep to keep their coat looking good...and prevent it from becoming knotted or matted. What does regular grooming involve? Think regular brushing, bathing, nail clipping, and fur trimming.

To keep your high-maintenance poodle looking its best you will need to dedicate time to their grooming each and every day. The amount of time that takes depends entirely on the cut they have. Some poodle styles are more complicated while others are much simpler. The type you choose should vary based on how well you are able to keep up with their grooming. You can expect to spend anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes on brushing alone. The same can be said whether you have a full-sized poodle or a miniature or toy poodle. So, be sure to pick a style that fits your lifestyle.

Why does it take so long? The brushing and styling process is fairly elaborate. To brush your poodle, you'll need to start by brushing upward with a slicker brush to remove tangles. Then you brush upward again using a wide-toothed comb. The next step is to brush the hair downward to de-mat the hair and style the fur properly. This needs to be done every day to avoid tangles and increase circulation.

Keeping your poodle well groomed also involves bathing them once a week to every other week and having their fur trimmed when needed. How often they need a trim varies based on the style you have chosen for them. Some require trimming far more regularly (every three to four weeks) while others do not have to be done for eight to ten weeks. Poodle trimming can be difficult to do on your own. This process can take several hours and requires a certain amount of skill. It is likely that you'll want to consider choose a professional to handle fur and nail trims - along with anything else you feel uncomfortable doing on your own.

You want only the best for your poodle. So, be sure to give plenty of thought to the professional groomer you choose. You need someone with a solid understanding of how to care for this breed. Ask friends for a referral or do a little digging online. It shouldn't be too hard to find someone you can trust. With a little bit of help, your poodle will be looking fabulous before you know it!

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